Privacy Statement for Sioux Falls Seminary Portfolio

Collection of required personal information

In order to use Accredited Portfolios you will be required to provide us with a certain amount of personal information such as your name, password, and email address. We will not disclose any of your required personal information to any other person or organization without your written consent unless authorized or required by law.

How we use your personal information

We will only use your required personal information for the purpose for which you provided it to us.

Security of your personal information

In order to help protect your personal information, do not disclose your Username or Password to any other person. The terms and conditions of use prohibit you from giving any other person or legal entity this information.

You can share information with others

By using the Accredited Portfolios service you can enter, create, and upload information that can be shared with other users in the system and public users (not registered on the system).  Your decision to do so is your own responsibility.

You are able to control what personal information you make available to others. Except administrators of the site, other users may only view your Preferred Name and only the personal information you expressly make available to others. Site administrators have full access to your account and the information stored within it in order to enforce site rules, particularly those that prohibit the upload, display, or posting of offensive materials.  Site administrators are not allowed to access your account or the information within it unless there is a bona fide business purpose such as troubleshooting bugs, assisting users, or enforcing website rules and policies.

If you are participating and collaborating in a portfolio review group, information that you post, contribute, create, or share as part of the group can and will be shared automatically to other members of the group based on their role within the group.  Because of their role in the portfolio review group, certification agents may have access to your actual name and email address, as well as the ability to control feedback comments on your submitted portfolio (only during review).


In order to use Accredited Portfolios you must have cookies enabled within your browser. Please note that no personal information is stored within the cookies used by the system. A cookie is a data file that is placed on your computer by a webpage server. Cookies are not programs, spyware or viruses and are unable to perform any operation by themselves.

Changes to this privacy statement

We may occasionally make adjustments to our privacy statement to reflect changes to the system and in response to feedback from users such as yourself. As such we suggest you check the Privacy Statement each time you visit this site.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will use all reasonable efforts to remedy the issue.

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